Many are renting dumpsters these days and finding how useful and helpful they are, especially when engaging in projects like home improvement projects or getting rid of items they no longer want or need. To be clear, you can put almost anything into a rental dumpster bin, unless it is made of dangerous or hazardous materials. Examples of what you can put in a dumpster rental are items you have in your attic such as old books, hobbies that have been abandoned and gifts you no longer want. Other examples are quilting, old model cars or pottery equipment.

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Other items you can put in a dumpster are things you may have in your basement that are taking up space such as an old play room or items from your dad’s projects like fabric, broken screws and bent nails. Children’s toys, toys that were once enjoyed but now forgotten, broken furniture or broken down appliances, are other examples that can be placed in a dumpster rental. Take a look in your bedrooms and bathroom. Old or unused linen and old clothes can easily be put in dumpsters; as well as items in your bathroom that you no longer need such as frayed towels and washcloths, toothpaste tubes and empty bottles of shampoo. In your garage and garden are other things that can be placed in a dumpster such as recyclables, material from home construction projects, old shingles. Other items are garden and landscaping items, home construction materials, as well as gravel, extra unneeded topsoil, bricks or concrete.

Before you rent a dumpster for a day, there are certain steps that need to be taken that will make the process go easier such as deciding what to throw out. Think carefully about what will be going into the dumpster. Will anything potentially toxic or hazardous be going into the dumpster? Will organic waste be going in? Always make sure that you know what will be thrown into the dumpster. Then, find out if you can put a dumpster on your property. Measure carefully, locations such as your driveway and front yard and think about where you can put the dumpster; a place where it won’t interfere with parking and traffic.

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It is also wise to call your city’s government and ask what permits you may need and what requirements you need; all of this is necessary to stay within the law and to eliminate any problems that could occur with your neighbors. Then, call the dumpster company and get an estimate about the job you will be doing and the kind of dumpster you will need. Find out about the drop-off fees, fuel surcharges, daily rental rate and price per ton.Most importantly, the dumpster delivery driver will need assistance as to where he should place the dumpster.

To ensure that this process goes well, have someone you trust to be there when they arrive. This is especially important if your dumpster will be on the street. The driver will need to know if anything needs to be moved out of his way and he may also have suggestions on how to make this process go smoothly.

Other ways dumpster rentals can be used are garage cleanouts, spring or fall cleaning and foreclosure cleanouts. Keep in mind; there are certain materials that you should not put in rental dumpsters such as dangerous and hazardous materials, tires, leftover paint, chemicals and flammable liquids or propane tanks.